Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Girlfriend's Giggle and the Next Project

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement on giving away my first quilt to a non-family member. My friend loved the quilt, and even called back later to gush about it a second time. Hopefully this will help me to get over my fear of gifting quilts and move some finished ones out of my closet and on to people's beds!
This picture is of fabric for my next quilt.The white with green dots actually has a texture to it. And the flower print in the background matches my daughter's spring bedding. The sheet set came in this fabric bag. So I plan on using the fabric in this next quilt and then it will relate to her bedding. I've pretty much decided to do something simple, maybe just squares. I'd like to start cutting by the weekend, so I'll have to pick a pattern!
Some of you may be wondering what happened to my mom's quilt. Well...I really don't like it! I loved the fabric, but the quilt is very busy. So it's shelved for a bit. She's planning on painting so maybe I'll start something new.
Speaking of those quilts in my cupboard, you know those ones that you finish and dislike or almost finish and just 'forget' about. What do you do with these ones? I'd love some ideas...I'm in purge mode lately and they're taking up valuable space!

Edit** I think I'm going with this one. I have a lot of white backed patterns for this quilt and I think this will work out. This will be a lot of cutting, but it should give me that fun and QUICK result I'm looking for**


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I like these chosen fabrics, and the textured on will add special interest, great idea to keep it simple, too. Let the prints do the work and you don't have to! As far as those forgotten or abandoned projects I donate them to charity through groups or churches that have quilt ministries and finish such things... or... you might want to finish them yourself and see if there's a nursing home, group home or agency that has a quilt "need", a win-win!

Shari said...

There are many many places to donate quilts. Hospitals, hospices, shelters, refuges etc. Believe me it won't be a problem. And what you don't quite like someone else will absolutely love! (It seems to be a law of nature.)

Fabrics for your new quilt look so sweet and gentle. I like making simple quilts most of the time.