Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cherry pie? Yes please!

I actually watched a bit of tv last week, no small feat in this house! I caught an episode of Martha, and saw a crafter named Hilary make some cherry pie out of felt. Check her out here. No pics from me yet (it's been one of those weekends!) but I'm almost done my own cherry pie. Now, back to quilting!
*Here's a pic....I guess it's now strawberry pie!"


belinda said...

Hey..I went over and checked out
the 'cherry pie'....this was cute!
Thanks for coming over for a visit!

heather said...

I should have linked to rachel who is heading this up. The show just ran here about a week or two ago and it showed the poverty that these small towns in Kentucky are living in up in the mountains. These kids don't get fruits or vegetables because they are to expensive and half or more of the adults don't have teeth it was just sad to see. They just lived in TERRIBLE conditions. If you were to go to I bet you would be able to watch it or if you want more info about the blankets you could go to I'm just going off my memory right now so if that blog doesn't work please let me know. Cherry pie sounds really good right now.:) Have a great day. heather