Saturday, February 14, 2009

New quilt shop!

Oh I 'found' a new quilt shop today. It's not really new, but new to me. The fabric was a bit pricey, but there was so much selection and great service. So even though I'm trying to use up some of what I have, I bought a few new things. Check out these great fabrics! The pink and turquoise ones will be for the baby's whirly giggle quilt. And the flower print and purple plaid were just too cute to leave in the store!
I haven't done any quilting today, but I did spend a perfect day out with my sweet little family. Quilting will have to wait until tomorrow.
So 2 posts in one day. Again Happy Valentine's Everyone!


Shari said...

Actually these four fabrics would be lovely together as well. The pink and turquoise will make a lovely whirly giggle quilt - sweet and fresh.

Glad you had a lovely day out and hope you get the sewing time you want!


belinda said...

Hi Nannergirl...thanks for coming
over for a visit!! I'm so glad you
had a 'productive' fabric day AND a
lovely time with your family...those are always nice to have! I think you 'dun good' on
your fabric selections, especially
the purple plaid...I forget to look
at the plaids when I shop...I guess
that is why I don't have many!
Have a good valentine evening!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have had a lovely Valentine's Day. Those four fabrics are so pretty together! And a day out with family - that's my version of heaven! It's the simple things that are the most special, and the most important to savor! Have fun quilting tomorrow!

Erin said...

its always fantastic finding a quilt shop you never knew about before, Love the fabrics!