Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hubby's quilt is finally pieced!

I started a very brave thing a few years ago. My husband was always complaining that i made quilts for other people and never made one just for him. So I took him fabric shopping and let him pick out the fabric for this one. I was surprised that he was drawn to the country cottage look. I wasn't a huge fan of some of the stuff he picked but I bought just enough to finish the quilt so it wouldn't end up sitting around.
The quilt did sit around though, for several years, as I worked on projects that were more exciting to me. Now that I'm on a finishing streak, I brought it out again and finished it up. The only problem is that I didn't realize how much waste this quilt would have! I decided on these 2 blocks long before I learned about the ez angle ruler. So I have hundreds of triangles in fabric that I'm not crazy about. Luckily I've already matched them into pairs to make pinwheels and have started using them as leaders and enders.
Now I just need to go and press this thing! I got a hand quilting frame for Christmas last year and I'd love to start using it. I think this quilt would really benefit from some pretty hand stitching in all those empty blue spaces.
My husband has tomorrow afternoon off work. I can't wait for us to relax as a family of three this weekend. It may be one of the few times we have left before we become a family of 4! I'd better get working on those UFO's!!!
*I'm still without my camera. These photos are all ones from my phone, so I apologize about the poor quality! Hopefully I'll have my camera back soon.....

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