Friday, September 26, 2008

Orange Crush Boarder Help!

Help! I've finally finished the top for my Orange Crush mystery quilt, designed by Bonnie over at Quiltville, but I am unhappy with my orange boarder. I'm thinking of adding a dark blue one, but I don't have any left in my stash. Any suggestions?
This weekend, my big quilting plans are to finish quilting a blue basket weave quilt for my bed, and basting a fun little quilt for a Christmas gift.
UFO update: I've now got 4 finished quilt tops, one quilt I'm hand quilting and one I'm machine quilting. 3 of these are to be Christmas gifts. It's going to be tight!

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Quiltdivajulie said...

What if you audtion the darker orange instead of the lighter one? Or the more turquoise blue?

Or try three narrow borders - the green, scrappy lights, and then the turquoise?

Or a piano key style using the turquoise shades alternating with scrappy lights?

Best wishes!!