Sunday, September 28, 2008

One of my first quilts

I'm working on this blue basket weave quilt this weekend. This is from a Debbie Mumm book my mom bought me probably 8-10 years ago. I can't even find the book anymore. The seams don't match in a lot of places, but it's a finished king size quilt top and the quilt currently on my bed desperately needs replacing. It makes me happy to see how far I've come from this quilt, which I found very difficult at the time, to the quilts I make now.

My progress this weekend has been slowed by two things:
#1 I moved some of my sewing stuff down to our rec room. There just isn't room in my dining room for it all anymore. My husband helped me to move a desk and brought in some old shelves for me to store things on. I'm pretty happy about having my own space that I don't have to clean up every night before supper!
#2 I started quilting on the little stretchy stars quilt. I'm about a quarter way through the basket weave, but I just wanted to tick something off my list.

As I've mentioned, I'm pregnant, which is making some things difficult. I'm having trouble 'bellying up" to my machine, and cleaning just doesn't get done. While I was setting up my new sewing corner yesterday, DH cleaned the whole main floor! Dusting, vacuuming, windows - the whole deal. Now that's romantic!!!!
Happy Weekend Everyone!

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