Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day and Night plus my new winter baby quilt

The first pic is of my Day and Night quilt, which I am really happy with. (That round object is my pregnant belly..oops!) I bought this fabric to re-make a quilt that my Grandma made, but I pre-cut some of it wrong and then didn't have enough to do her pattern. Luckily, there was enough of the flower and blue to do something else with. I'm thinking of using the wrongly cut squares and triangles to make a large pieced boarder.
The second pic is from the House, Home and Pantry group. The picture doesn't do my bright happy homes justice! I've got my camera back, so hopefully this is the last of the camera phone pics. I've put the homes with a dark blue background for the sky and made white snow for the ground. I'm thinking of embroidering snowflakes in the sky and doing some swirly free-motion quilting in the snow. This really doesn't go with my nursery at all, but it's fun and I just love it.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family this weekend. My Mom's visit last Thursday totally re-energized me. And then my whole family came up for Sunday, which was such a treat.
I had my newly finished quilts out to accommodate all the over night guests and they were very popular. I also started a new throw sized quilt for my sister in law who is deployed right now and will get home right before Christmas. It's red and white scrappy rails.

UFO total: I've had to put my Orange Crush quilt aside because I don't have a backing. I know it's silly but I want to use a pieced back and I can't find the right stuff in my stash.

Still working on my Carolina Crossroads.
2 tops waiting to be quilted (including OC)
4 tops in progress (wonky houses, day and night, pinwheels, red and white rails)
I've also challenged myself to make nicer labels for my quilts, so I'll have to spend some time on this.

Thanks to everyone who's stopped by!


belinda said...

HEY YOU.......you shared the cutest answer in my tell all tuesday...i'm glad played with us.

i'm cleaning up all my sewing messes that seem to be JUST EVERYWHERE.......so i can start all over!

Finn said...

Hi Nannergirl, I thought your name look familiar *VBS* I was here and commented to your question about binding, back in your "Cold and Wet at the Beach" post!
I would absolutely LOVE to have you join the New Years Eve UFO Countdown challenge. You can even include the ones you've finished since Aug. 16th! How about that???
I'll add your name and project number to the sidebar today. In my comments you said 4. If you want to include more just let me know. You're getting a slightly late start, but I don't mind if you don't *VBS* Big hugs and welcome, Finn
P,S, So happy the binding idea and tutorial worked for you. It really is pretty easy compared to a double binding. Some of mine are well past 20 years old and I haven't had any edges wear through.
Libby at A Simple Girl also binds with single and hasn't had any problems. I think double is over kill unless your sweetie has a beard! *VBS*

belinda said...

HEY NANNERGIRL......uh...DH kept suggesting a quilting frame that sounds kinda like yours....and i said...uh no! i think those were used alot for quilting bees.....sometimes our DH's have good intentions but they go at it from a mans point of view...right?