Thursday, October 30, 2008

Labour......or not!

Well I've had a busy couple of days! I thought I was in labour Tuesday night, spent the night in the hospital and then was told to go home and that it may be another couple of hours, days or weeks. This may sound like a pregnant woman's worst nightmare, but my daughter was born 5 weeks early and spent 15 days in intensive care. So I'm just fine with this baby taking it's sweet time in getting here (and I'm only 35 weeks along now). I picked up this ribbon on Saturday to match the little nursery quilt I made. I have a little rocking horse that I plan on adding this to. (I got the idea from A Cottage Industry)
This is some fabric that I just could not resist buying last week. You can't see it in the picture, but the background is actually pink and pinky-orange stripped. (Like a tie-dye style stripe). I have a few different greens that this would look good with but I've decided to hold off on making it into a quilt or backing. Since I don't know the sex of my baby, there's no point in making a pink quilt just yet. I do love the quilts that Amanda Jean makes over at Crazy Mom Quilts, so I may make something inspired by hers.

And this is a cute Mary Englebreit fabric that I picked up for $2.94 a meter! I have no plans for this, I just couldn't leave it sitting there. It can just sit in my stash for a bit (big smile)
Speaking of my stash, I'm noticing that I've got 2 very different things going on. I have a lot of bright, fun prints and a lot of dark more subdued country prints. I guess it makes sense because I make different quilts for different reasons, it just looks funny to see the fabrics together on the same shelf!

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belinda said...

hey you.......i'm cheering for you and baby!!!

love your fabric selections too!!