Thursday, October 2, 2008

Will this quilt ever get finished????

I am still working on my Carolina Crossroads by Bonnie quilt for my brother and sister in law. This corner looks a bit wonky, but I love how the baptist fans look. It may not have been the best quilting choice for the tiny sqaures, but it's an easy design to hand quilt.
My problem is that I'm working on this quilt somewhere between 3 and 10 hours a week and I'm starting to feel like it will never be finished. I know that whenever it does get done, it'll be a big accomplishment for me.
My husband got me a quilting frame for Christmas last year and I'm planning on using it to do my next hand quilting project.
My plans for today include some baking, quilting and going out for a walk, if it stops raining. I have a boarder to add to my orange crush quilt, a backing to iron and I want to do some more work on my blue basket weave quilt. Not too sure if I can get all 3 done while my daughter naps, but I'm going to try.

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