Friday, October 17, 2008

Second post today

I thought I'd do a second post and show the things I've been writing about. Here's my wonky winter houses. I'm almost finished the binding and then I can tick this one off my UFO list. I'm thinking of making a pillow case (for my chair, not for the crib) and maybe a wall hanging to go with these. I had a lot of fun trying out this new style of quilting. It really cured the boredom I sometimes have doing piecing (especially if all the blocks are the same). Tonya offers so much help and so many detailed tutorials that this was pretty easy to pull off. Check her out here.
These are those bonus pinwheels I've been working on. I found a second baggie of navy and blue triangles, which are now also becoming pinwheels for this project. I'll admit, I didn't do much to these, not even square them up. I should have enough to make a throw size quilt for my friend's summer wedding. I'm still thinking of sashing and boarders....stay tuned.

Lastly, here is a picture of the quilting frame my Hubby bought me for Christmas last year. He just HAD to put it up on the wall last week before our Thanksgiving guests arrived. I keep meaning to use it, but I get impatient. The cool thing about it is that it rolls the top, batting and backing for you, no basting required. If you despise basting like I do, then this is a very good thing! The only down side to it is that although it can change size (from baby quilt to king), and lay flat, it doesn't fit under any of my basement furniture. Hence the wall display :)

This weekend my in laws are coming up for my father-in-law's birthday dinner. He has a lot of food allergies, so luckily we're going out for dinner (I can't handle the stress of cooking for him, someone is always double and triple checking that I'm not using any of his 'banned' foods). I have some shopping to do at the farm near by and we have to clean up all of our summer stuff and put it away for the winter. When the snow hits here (and it did on November 1st last year), it hits hard. I love the fall, but there's something magical about the first snowfall that I always look forward to.


belinda said...

i love your wonky winter houses......oh and that throw for your sister-in-law...great idea!

Karen said...

Love the wonky winter houses.