Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scraps & Shirttails, and 9 new projects

Yippee! I received my copy of Bonnie's book yesterday and spent the afternoon reading it cover to cover, then picking 2 quilts I'm planning on making in January. I've even put fabric aside in bins for them. Then I worked some more on my wonky houses. I'm still trying to decide if I should make a crib quilt or a wall hanging. Any ideas?

One of my good friends is getting married next summer and I think I'm going to turn all those leftover pinwheels into a quilt for her wedding. I'm thinking of setting the pinwheels with sashing. Once I finish a few more blocks I'll have to audition fabrics (stay tuned, I'll need help!).

I've picked a barns quilt to make for my living room, started a day and night wall hanging for my daughter's room....somehow my new "quilts in progress" total has jumped up to 9! yes, 3 of those are still in the planning process, but yikes...I'd better hope this baby sleeps a lot.

My Mom called early this morning to say she was on her way to my house for a girls day. The only bad part about moving up here is that we're about an hour and a half from my family. This is the girl who had trouble moving out when I got married and actually cried and missed my old bedroom. Anyhow, we really need a girls day. I can't wait to go shopping, have some lunch and just relax with the 2 most important girls in my life. My daughter has actually been waiting at the window for Grandma for the last 20 minutes.

I'm going to edit this post later...I haven't had time to take any pics yet!

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belinda said...

you lucky got bonnie's book...and then you are having a nice girls day out!