Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Very Productive Day!

I got a lot done today! The weather here is just terrible; it's cold and windy, we had snow today (it didn't stay on the ground) and we have a snow squall warning tonight. Perfect day to get some sewing done!

I cheated a bit on my list of 5 things to do this week, because I combined two projects. I've decided to turn my pinwheels quilt into the quilt for my sister in law. I'm calling it "Canadian gal overseas" This red fabric is something I'm auditioning to be the boarder. The pic is showing as pinky red, but it's actually a true red. I may add a cream boarder in and then a thick red boarder, to bring it to lap size.

I'm thrilled that this whole top is made from the leftovers of my hubby's quilt top. I found a nice piece for the back. I've also collected a lot of blue jeans from our family. She might like the blue jean backing, especially when I tell her the family connection. Has anyone ever done a jean backing? I'm not sure if they'll be too heavy.

I also made up a little doll quilt for my daughter's baby dolls. She's very interested in the baby coming and has been playing with her dolls a lot lately. I've made this quilt to match the quilt for the nursery, which I finished binding today. I used some crazy school print for the back and whatever binding I had lying around.

And this is the bound nursery quilt. I had plans to use this simple quilt to practice my free motion quilting, but after several attempts, I gave up. I just cannot seem to get the tension right on my machine, no matter what I do! What I wouldn't give for a quilting guild right now. When we moved here I searched for one, but the closest I could find was over 45 minutes away, along a very harsh road. (It's closed half of the winter).
I also finished my daughter's cow costume. It's awfully cute! Now I've just gotta cross my fingers that the snow holds off until Saturday.

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Valerie said...

I am certainly impressed with all you get done. I love your blog and will visit again soon.